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All about the Bulgaria – Nature & Experience.

Hiking & Sightseeing in Bulgaria

Enjoy the best views in the country!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Accommodation on Bed & Breakfast in DBL standard rooms in 3* good hotels;
  • Licensed guide during the whole trip – speaking of the language of the group (or English);
  • Entrance fees for the places marked with “(+)”;
  • Ticket for Boat trip on Zlatna Panega river;
  • Chair lift for Rila Seven Lakes – RT ticket per person;
  • Rafting ticket for 1 descent;
  • Horse riding – up to 2h per person;
  • ATV ride – on double machines (1h).
  • Jeep Safari to Eagle eye platform.
  • Transfers with licensed quality vehicles;
  • Phone assistance 24/7;
  • VAT, resort fees;


What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Lunches;
  • Dinners;
  • Upgrades to different room types/category;
  • Extra drinks or extra meals not included in the group menu;
  • Additional entrances to places marked with (o);
  • Additional entrances/tickets/activities not listed above;
  • Detours or additional transfers.
  • Accommodation, meals, and tickets for staff /TL.
  • Flights, Airport taxes, Visa costs;
  • Audio guide system;
  • Tips;
  • Luggage assistance;
  • Excess baggage;
  • Personal expenses, laundry, telephone calls;

Possible options against surcharge (only if the whole group books them and depending on the availability);

  • Lunches – depending on the place and the menu;
  • Dinners – depending on the place and the menu;
  • Festive dinners – depending on the place and the menu;
  • Tastings (wine, rose products, local food) – depending on the number of wines;
  • Upgrade to higher category hotels or room types.
  • Additional excursions or activities – depending on the place and the availability;
  • Cultural events (clubs visiting), etc – depending on dates, place, and events available;


  • The rates are subject to an update if there is any significant changes or updates of the fuel, electricity and other costs or inflation index.
  • The pointed time frames are indicative. Depending on the group pace, traffic on the road and in the places to be visited, stops and other factors, timing can change.
  • The part of the program that includes open air activities depends on the weather conditions.
  • Detours are possible but against negotiation and surcharges.
  • Additional activities could be added if time and availability allow – against surcharges.
  • The tour is not suitable for disabled people.
  • Not all listed hotels are suitable for disabled people.
  • Changes as per program could be made if required by the group /if possible & against the corresponding surcharges/ or if necessary due to unforeseen or safety reasons /suitable compensation will be offered/.
  • If there are hotels listed – they are indicative and could change depending on availability.
  • Anything further will be communicated and negotiated by both parties.


  1. Day 1 Sofia - Arrival
    • Arrival at Sofia Airport.
    • Depending on arrival time: city tour of Sofia (split between first and the last day).
    • Transfer to Boyana quarter (10km – 20min). Visit the Boyana Church (+).
    • Transfer to the National Museum of History (4km – 10min). Visit of the museum (+).
    • Departure for Sofia city center. (10km – 30min).
    • Later – the tour of the center will continue from Alexander Nevski Cathedral (+), St. Sophia church (o), continue along the golden square and with a view to all emblematic buildings around it, to the Presidency (o) and St. George Rotunda (o).
    • Free time to walk on Vitoshka Pedestrian Street.
    • Accommodation in hotel 3 or 4*.
  2. Day 2 Iskar Gorge - Nature, Hiking


    • After breakfast transfer to Lukovit town area, especially both rivers Zlatna Panega and Iskar River gorge – a very interesting area with many beautiful rock formations, views, and other things to see. (120km – 2h).
    • Tour will start from Zlatna Panega Eco trail – with a nice boat trip on the river (~20min). (there is option for Kayaking as well – against surcharge).
    • Zlatna Panega river is originating form a karst source (the biggest karst spring in the country – 2500l/sec) that is why it has almost constant water level and which is the reason of the unusual water color – almost lagoon blue… at least at its beginning.
    • Boat will go down the river between its lush banks where some wildlifes (birds and amphibians) could be observed, reaching to the dam (where could be seen some interesting building above the dam wall – contemporary decorated building part of the Golden Park of Lukovit, built on the ideas of a prominent local sculptor… actually, there are many examples of his creations in the area). Then it will turn back and stop at some point on the way back so we can have a chance also to walk back to the starting point and experience the Eco trail itself – around 1.5km.
    • After this we will be transferred to Prohodna Cave (+) (10km – 15min), also known as ‘Gods eyes’ – one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It is a magnificent formation which impresses with its 262 meters long rock bridge. It has two entrances – a big and a small one. The path begins at the approximately 35 m-high small entrance crosses the cave, passes under the Gods eyes, and goes out through the big entrance – the biggest cave arch in Bulgaria – 45 m. (Here at mostly during weekends, are made bungee jumps, pendulums, and even rock climbing – against surcharges).
    • Hiking can continue along the narrow path after getting out of the cave which leads to the small rock hewn monastery Santa Marina. (one of the several in the region), then it can continue to the National Cave House or walk to the some of the several gazebos on the cliffs which provides great panoramic view to the Iskar Gorge. Free time to relax and take pictures.
    • Lastly visit to the nearby Stone houses could be made – yes, from the same sculptor mentioned above. The 3 houses looking like taken out of a fairytale (one looks like a Hobbit house) are interesting addition to the sites in the area. From the area around them could be seen the Provartenika – another unique rock formation – a trapezoid rock with a round hole on the top end which is considered to have been used as an ancient observatory by the Thracians due to the rays of light which pass through the hole exactly on the days of the solstice. (it can be climbed, there is a path starting from Karlukovo village on the the other bank of the river)
    • Departure back to Sofia (120km – 2h).
    • Accommodation in hotel 3* or 4* in Sofia.


  3. Day 3 Seven Rila Lakes - Nature, Hiking


    • Early breakfast in our hotel.
    • Pickup from the hotel that will take us to the Panichishte area (100km-1:45h). The tour starts with taking on the cable car to the entrance of Rila National Park and its famous Seven Rila Lakes. (+) The Seven Rila Lakes are without a doubt one of the most notable natural attractions on the Balkan Peninsula, a dream destination not to be missed. Their beauty touches the thousands of Bulgarian and international visitors each year.
      The Seven Rila Lakes, located in the Dangskiya region of the northwestern Rila Mountains, are glacial lakes. They are scattered at the foot of a massive cirque that includes the peaks Suhi Chal (Dry Peak), Otovishki, and Haramiya. The lakes have been named for their shapes and qualities. The highest of them is Tear Lake, which gained its name for its crystal-clear water. It is on 2,535 meters high, directly beneath the Otovishki Peak. The deepest of the seven is Eye Lake at 37.5 meters – its oval and intense blue when the weather is good.
    • The hiking part of the tour starts and ends from the Rila Lakes hut /where cable car ends/ and continue by walking for several hours along the most of the Seven lakes. Be ready for intense walking to reach most beautiful lakes and even the panorama view from the Lake Peak. Wear appropriate shoes and bring along a light jacket/raincoat since weather in the mountain can change swiftly.
    • At the late afternoon departure back to Sofia (100km).
    • Overnight in our hotel.



  4. Day 4 Plovdiv and Pamporovo - Culture, Heritage


    Some very Bulgarian things to see today (240km).

    •  Transfer to Plovdiv – second biggest town in Bulgaria and one of the touristic centers. (150km – 2:30h).
    • Plovdiv was always important center of trade, culture, and development. Always thriving it is considered one of the oldest still living cities in Europe. The evidences are everywhere. During the tour of the famous Old town district we will have the opportunity to enjoy its heritage from some of the previous nationalities that lived and ruled the town from the beginning.
    • We will see the Roman Stadium (o), The Roman Amphitheatre (o), The Old Mosque (o), The St. Helena church (+), the Ethnographic Museum (+) and at last – the Bishops Basilica where finest Roman mosaics found in the region could be seen (+).
    • The cobblestone streets and the mix of Bulgarian Revival architecture and remnants from Roman era will fascinate us and take us back in time.
    • After lunchtime, transfer to Asenov’s Fortress (35km – 45min).
    • Not only historic the place also provides great views to the surround foothills of Rhodope Mountain and the Asenovgrad town. The church still stands to remind for the glory of the stronghold.
    • Next on the road is the Bachkovo Monastery – second biggest in Bulgaria.

    Short stop to enjoy its peaceful life and interesting architecture.

    • At the end of the day, we will reach Pamporovo – known mostly as a winter resort, its nested in the heart of the Bulgarian part of the Rhodope Mountains.
    • Overnight in hotel 3* or 4* in Pamporovo.


  5. Day 5 Rhodope Mountains - Safari

    Magnificent views from above and below (200km).

    (Nature, Views, Safari)


    • Heading to the symbol of Pamporovo – the Radio & TV tower Snezhanka. It white body stands on the top of Snezhanka peak and could be seen from a far. It is 156 m high and provides great views with its 360 degrees panorama from a special terrace above a nice restaurant. No more words, we will go so you can check it by yourself… maybe indulge yourself with a cup of tea as well.
    • Next step on our way via the Rhodopes is Yagodinska cave – one of the longest (more than 10km) in Bulgaria and one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria.

    The touristic itinerary is about 1250 m. Be prepared for temperature of about only 6 degrees and high humidity, but also to see some of the most beautiful limestone formations in the area.

    There is another famous cave in the area – Devil’s Throat which could be also visited instead of Yagodinska cave. (or maybe visit both if schedule allows, and against surcharge for the second one)

    • To make it more attractive and spice the day up what we will do next is enjoy a quick change of altitude and reach some perfect spot to see the Buynovo river gorge from above – the famous Eagle eyes viewing platform… and guess what, we will reach it by taking on a jeeps for a nice Jeep Safari. (prepare for real offroad terrain).
    • At the evening (after around 130km – 3h on the road) – reaching Bansko – the biggest winter resort nested between the three mountains – Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes, and starting point of many trails and opportunities for adventures in Pirin Mountain.
    • Overnight in hotel 3* or 4*. Possible enjoying Bansko cuisine in traditional restaurant (we call them “Mehana” in Bulgaria) (additionally charged or self-arranged)




  6. Day 6 Bansko - Nature, Adventure

    From Struma River to the beautiful Bansko Valley (130km).

    (Nature, Adventure)


    • Pick-up and transfer to one of the bases for Rafting & Kayaking on Struma Rivers – in the Kresna Gorge (50km). As guessed here is the place to experience the adrenaline rush going down the river Struma and its rapids. Possible are both Rafting and Kayaking.
    • We will go on a Rafting (for the hardcore ones though, its possible to pay some extra to go on Kayaking).
    • The Rafting takes about 3-3:30h. (same for the Kayaking). It starts with instructions, full equipment and then – getting in the water (even literally). The time in the river is about 1:30h for both rafting and kayaking. The total length of the route is about 12km, but it really depends on the time of the year and the water level (after all … safety first). There are boats for 4, 6 and 8 people (depending on availability and group size… or wish to split on teams to have some rivalry…) … Oh, and there is some possible snack (even barbeque type meals) you can purchase on spot… very nice option when they get us back to the rafting base.
    • At the afternoon – transfer to Bachevo Village (or similar) where some horses will be waiting for us to ride. Again, short instructions, maybe trying to get your horses ready by yourself if you wish (or at least be explained how to do it) and then go for the ride itself.
    • Time planned it 2h per person, horses available are around 15 but they have moods as well, so it depends… (if group is bigger than the available number of horses, it will be distributed to 2 horse bases)

    There are also other alternatives on spot that could replace the horse riding, some less thrilling, others – more… jeep safaris, Rila Fun Park with its downhill train (1400m track), Bansko Waterslide (400m length), Some competitive games possibly or even Paragliding in the vicinity. All mountains around gives countless itineraries for hiking with different levels of difficulty.

    • Overnight in Bansko.


  7. Day 7 Bansko and Rila Monastery - Culture, Nature
    • After breakfast and check out we will be transfer to another off-road activity – ATV safari. The machines are for 2 pax mostly so you will have opportunity to change the drivers on the way, or just enjoy from the backseat – for the ones that are not exactly the off-road drivers’ type. Equipment is provided so we will not get dirty. The whole event duration is about 1:30h (actual driving is about an hour) and goes around the beautiful terrain around Bansko. At the end we will be taken back to Bansko.
    • Later we will be transferred to Sofia, but on the way will be able to visit the famous Rila Monastery – biggest and most important monastery in Bulgaria (UNESCO). Entrance to the Monastery yard and the church – richly decorated with murals and paintings (+). Optionally the museum could be visited – against surcharge.
    • In the vicinity there is a winery complex that, if there is time, could be also visited for a tour of the cellar or even tasting – against surcharge.
    • In Sofia, accommodation in hotel 3* or 4*.
    • As a last overnight in Bulgaria, you can possibly enjoy the nightlife of the capital. Some bookings and arrangements can be done – against surcharges.


  8. Day 8 Sofia - departure
    • Free time OR possible additional activities against surcharge (will be offered either beforehand, when arrival/departure times are known, or on the spot).
    • Transfer to the Airport for taking all the great memories back home.



3* city hotels

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
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Comfortable shoes, adjusted to the season are recommended.

Mid-April till Mid-October is the best period for this trip

The local currency in Bulgaria is Bulgarian Lev.

We reccommend to exchange EUR or USD only in licensed currency exchange offices. Use only local currency in the shops.

It has a fixed rate of exchange with EUR. 1 EUR = 1,95583 BGN.

The Credit Cards are widely accepted in Bulgaria, but for small purchase we reccomend tou have Bulgarian Lev in cash.

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