Discover Sozopol and Ropotamo


Visit the beautiful and ancient city of Sozopol and explore the vast natural reserve of Ropotamo. Price starts from 135€ for 2 adults.

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All about the Discover Sozopol and Ropotamo.

Ropotamo River flows from Strandja Mountain to the Black sea. This nature reserve is located 10km south of Sozopol,The flora and fauna along the river is really beautiful and diverse, the colour of the river is particular because of the red plankton. This well preserved national treasure host rare birds and turtles. Arriving at Ropotamo,enjoy a romantic boat trip to the outflow of the river and back. Drive back north through a unique dune reservation where the beaches are still unexplored and the branding wild. Enjoy your luxury lunch in the stylish atmosphere and incredible location north of Sozopol near the Golden Beaches. Relax under the specially for you reserved umbrellas on the private beachfront. Finish your day by strolling in Sozopol, a place where the old atmosphere meets the new. Established in 610 BC as a Hellenic colony, It is known as one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Present-day Sozopol with its impressive architecture and archaeology, turns a real museum town.The romantic old town and surrounding white sandy beaches is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Bulgaria.

  1. Itinerary Day Tour

    09:00 – Departure – Drive 77 km, 1 hour, 4 minutes

    10:15 – Arrival – Ropotamo Nature Reserve

    11:30 –  Departure – Drive15 km, 14 minutes

    11:45 –  Arrival Lunch & Relax

    15:00 – Departure – Drive 4 km, 8 minutes

    15:15 – Arrival in Sozopol

    17:30 – Departure – Drive 65 km, 58 minutes

    18:30 – Arrival Hotel

    Drive in total : 160 km, Duration of the trip  : 9 hours, 30 minutes