Journey in the heart of Rila Mountain


Enjoy a unique experience in the beautiful Rila Mountains including horse riding, bear park, fishing and amusement park. Price starts from 185for 2 adults

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All about the Journey in the heart of Rila Mountain.

Enjoy a unique experience in the beautiful Rila Mountains. A horse ride through pristine nature, crossing rivers, riding through the woods. This is how the idyll of real, free riding is felt. For the less prepared also easier routes on flat terrain are offered, or practicing at the riding school. Rila Fun Park is a mountain amusement park in the „Dedovo” locality, that offers a safe but extreme, funny ride for young and old, with a real alpine coaster. In a two-seater cart, you pass at a maximum speed of 40km a total length of 1400 meters, descending serious altitudes through the mountainsides of Rila. We have arranged for you to catch your own lunch: catch fish that will be cooked for you or you can order from the menu.Enjoy your lunch at this restaurant Rila Fish Pond, that has peace and tranquility, seated near the lake. You are here in the winter? Ice fishing is like a completely different dimension, excitement and pleasure. Visit Happy Bears in the Dancing Bear Park. Founded in 2000 by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and covering over 120,000 square meters, during a 45 minutes tour you are offered a rare glimpse of rescued bears living happily and healthy in their natural habitat. Something you don’t get at your average zoo experience.

  1. Itinerary Day Tour

    08:00 – Departure – Drive 100 km, 1 Hour, 23 Minutes

    09:30 –  Arrival Rupite

    10:30 – Departure – Drive 29 km, 37 Minutes

    11:15  – Arrival Rozhen Monastery

    12:15 – Departure – Drive 7 km, 13 Minutes

    12:30 – Arrival Visit Melnik + Lunch

    14:30 – Departure – Drive 83 km, 1 Hour, 53 Minutes

    16:30 – Arrival Kovachevitsa

    18:00 – Departure – Drive 64 km, 1 Hour, 14 Minutes

    19:15 – Arrival Hotel

    Total Drive :  285 km . Duration : 11 hours